"Within" is the fourth track by Daft Punk from the album Random Access Memories. Its length is 3:48. It features a collaboration with Chilly Gonzales on piano.

Gonzales previously worked with Daft Punk on the album Daft Club, where he provided his version of the song "Too Long" from the duo's second album Discovery. Bangalter would later make a guest appearance in one of Gonzales lectures about music composition in the early 2000's.

Composition Edit

"Within" was one of the first tracks to be recorded for the album. It features Gonzales on piano with minimal accompaniment consisting of bass and a percussion track, as well as vocoder.[1][2] In the context of the album, "Within" marks the transition from the key of A minor of the previous three songs, to the key of B-flat minor of subsequent tracks.[3]Regarding the lyrics, critic Nick Stevenson observed, "A deep vocoder sings about not understanding the world, being lost and not even remembering his own name."[4] Jeremy Abbott of Mixmag added, "So many things I don't understand is the prominent lyric and Chilly's chords combined with grazing cymbals make for a beautiful summer lullaby."[5]

In the docuseries The Collaborators, Gonzales spoke about his contribution to the album. He recalled Daft Punk's visible joy in listening to the raw session recordings made early in the production of the album, as well as the impending years-long challenge that would be faced in completing the record. Gonzales expressed that the duo were aware of how the keys of each song would contribute to the emotional progression of the album as a whole. He therefore performed the piano in the song "Within" to accommodate the cycle. Gonzales concluded by pointing out that Daft Punk rarely collaborate with others, and thus felt that they did so on Random Access Memories to "make the work be transcendent".[3][6]

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