We In Music is a French music group project of french house artist Raw Man (Romain Séo), who collaborated together with Play Paul (Paul De Homem-Christo), and also Benjamin Diamond (of Stardust) and Curtis (Fabien Lefrançois).

Séo and Homem-Christo also comprise the group The Buffalo Bunch, featured on the Crydamoure label.

The group have released tracks primarily under the We Rock Music label (founded in 2000 by Raw Man), with some tracks being licensed to Virgin France.

They have also released tracks under the name For The Floorz.

Discography Edit

Singles Edit

  • 2000: Now That Love Has Gone
  • 2001: Grandlife (samples Klymaxx's I Wish You Would)
  • 2002: (As For The Floorz) Time Limited / Body Angels

Remixes Edit

  • Bebel Gilberto - Close Your Eyes (We In Music/Buffalo Bunch Remix)
  • Modjo - Chillin' (Chillin' Con Carne Por Favor Mix by We In Music vs. The Buffalo Bunch)