Lookie, lookie. Long time I haven't been in here.

I can really believe how much people have votted in the poll. I didn't expected a lot! (It will be closed by the end of January, I will open a new one! ;-) )

I'm afraid that still, I need A LOT of info to add to the wiki, in the past few months there have been many many news about Daft Punk (please check The Daft Club for more info).

PLEASE: If you have ANY information, DON'T BE AFRAID IN EDITING/ADDING AN ARTICLE! In exchange, you will have my eternal gratitude. Don't worry if you think you have any grammatical errors, or you don't have the experience to post in a Wiki, I will help by editing the article in order to follow the respectively points to be considered an article.

Anyway, see you around!
Gwtv! --Keep daft! (talk) 01:46, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

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