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Thomas Bangalter
Thomas 2014


Thomas Bangalter


3 January 1975 (age 42)


Paris, France

Years active




Associated acts

Daft Punk
Da Mongoloids

Also know as

T. Bang.
Tommy Bang Bang

Thomas Bangalter (born January 3, 1975) is a member of Daft Punk. He is the younger of the two members of the group.

He was born in Paris, France, and currently resides in Beverly Hills, California along with his wife Élodie Bouchez and their two sons, Tara-Jay and Roxan.

He met Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo at Lycée Carnot Public Secondary, the high school they both attended, the two bonding over shared interest in music and films from the 60's and 70's. They later started an indie punk band with Laurent Brancowitz called Darlin'.

Thomas owns a music label called Roulé. Outside of music production, his credits include film director and cinematographer. Aside from being part of Daft Punk, he was part of the duo Together and the trio Stardust.

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