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Stella in her original and human forms.

Stella is the main protagonist of Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. She is the bassist of The Crescendolls, and the only female of the band. She also has a crush on the man who saved them both from  Earl of Darkwood which is Shep.


Stella has very long blonde hair with a full fringe and has tied in a high ponytail with her silver hair clip and blue eyes with yellow sclerae. She wears an outfit similar to her group, who wear orange and white uniforms. Her outfit is a white-and-orange high-neck sleeveless long gown with a large heart shape design that shows her cleavage and another small heart shape design which is upside-down, to show her mid-bottom with a white ribbon which is hanging loose on her back and white warrior flats. She also wears a white headband with a red jewel at the center and a matching wristband like her band members. When their clothes are destroyed by the machines when they are modified into humans by the Earl de Darkwood, she wears only a strapless white bra and a matching panties.

As a child during Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Stella's appearance remains the same as her adult self.

After her appearance was modified to resemble a human, her skin has been painted fair, her hair becomes burnt orange instead of blonde, and her eyes become brown instead of blue, giving her an Asian appearance. Her very long hair tied in a high ponytail, is modified into loose shoulder length hair with a pink hairclip at the center. She wears a dark pink western-style collared jacket with a green tank top that shows her lower abs, a brown short skirt with a black belt and a gold heart buckle on her waist and a matching brown boots with green knee length socks. She also wears a black necklace with a dark pink pendant on her neck and several bracelets on each side of her wrists. Her cat's eye sunglasses from her mind control device are transparent pink but she was later freed by Baryl during the awards night. Her sunglasses are later discarded and replaced with a white flower daisy at the left side of her head, after Shep gives her the triangle device to show the band their true identity before he dies.

During the awards night, she wears a cyan and white long sleeve v-neck sparkling gown with baggy sleeves, which also shows her cleavage like her original outfit and has a purple belt adorned with a purple ribbon at the back. The front skirt of her dress is short and at the back it goes down to her feet, she also wears black flats with gold anklets. She also wears a gold hairclip with matching ornaments, but maintains her black necklace with a dark pink pendant from her casual outfit.

During her dream sequence with Shep, her sparkling gown changed to white and she was seen in her original appearance instead of her human appearance.

When the Earl copies the band's childhood memories by storing them inside the disc during her modification as a human like the rest of the group, Stella's appearance remains the same as her adult self and her eyes remain brown. She wears a blue short sleeved collared dress with a yellow ribbon at the center of her dress, yellow socks and black flats.


Unlike most anime girls in different media, Stella is shown to be a calm and serene woman when she is playing her bass guitar as the bassist of the group. During the time in which most of Daft Punk's songs are played, Stella is displayed as the damsel of distress and she was the main reason why Earl decides to block her when Shep attempts to free her from his mind control, and also to use her as a vessel to control the machine with several discs to rule the whole universe as seen in Veridis Quo. Despite this, Stella is also happy when she was rescued by Shep in his spirtual essence and she is very grateful towards others.


Stella is the only female band member within Octave's band called The Crescendolls and is the bassist of the group. She was seen being partnered by Arpegius while performing their guitars during the concert in One More Time. She might have a crush on a man named Shep, who displays feelings towards her in the movie. The concert was later disrupted by Earl de Darkwood and his humanoid troops, she was gassed along with Octave and Baryl to be captured, and later Arpegius who was knocked down during his brief escape by one of the Earl's humanoid troops with an arrow shot full of gas. The group are soon kept by Earl from his spaceship and takes them to Earth to be modified as humans and to be mind controlled by him.

When Arpegius, Octave and Baryl are freed by Shep who disrupts the orchestra concert lead by the Earl, Stella was the only person not to be freed due to Earl blocking Shep from hitting her. By the time Shep is mortally wounded, Stella wears a gown for the awards night to assist the Earl as she gets the card leads to Veridia Quo manor. She was later freed by Baryl after they gained the award which is the golden disc as she follows Baryl to find Shep by riding a taxi drove by Octave. Therefore, Shep in his last breaths he gives a triangular device to Stella to show their real identity and knowing he saved them. He tells Arpegius to take care of Stella before dying as she cries on her arms as the trio mourn for Shep's death. When Stella touches Shep in his wounded state it flashbacks where Shep fantasizes her from his dream in Digital Love even to herself.

The group soon enter Darkwood manor to find out the Earl's motives. Stella was the only person to be caught in Earl's hands to make a vessel to rule the universe. But his plans are soon foiled when Arpegius angrily tackles him to the ground as the last golden discs fall into the oblivion that leads Earl's death who is desperate to get the last golden disc.

As the group return to their original forms after Octave fails to retrieve their copied memory discs, Arpegius makes peace with their producer who helped them return to their original forms and fixing Shep's ship after he discovers Earl's plans in modifying aliens to humans and was finally made public to send them home. As the fly through space and enters the wormhole, they are attacked by Earl's spiritual essence until Shep saves them in his spiritual essence and smiled at Stella before sending Earl's spirit from a distance, allowing the ship to fly safely.

Stella is last seen having a concert one final time with the group and unveils Shep's statue in memory of him as all blue skinned people pay his respects as Stella looked at the bright purple star, she smiles knowing it was Shep's spirit. Its strong implied that she started a relationship with Arpegius, by the end of the story both can be seen side by side in the music ending.

She and Shep are last seen as two of the young boy's small dolls who is actually a big fan of Daft Punk while sleeping beside him.