Shep is a main character in Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. A lone pilot of his spaceship, he is an inhabitant of the same planet that The Crescendolls are from. During the invasion of their planet by humanoid troops, Shep receives a distress signal from The Crescendolls. He is then determined to save the abducted band and follows the aircraft in which they were being kept onto Earth.

He appears to be a large fan of The Crescendolls, owning posters of them and many of their albums. He has a romantic interest in the bassist of the band, Stella, having a poster of her on his bedroom ceiling and dreams about being with her.


Shep full

Shep wears a unique purple and orange suit that appears slim on his body, with matching gloves and boots. He has blue skin and longish brown hair with curly sideburns that reveal his ears. When he was on Earth after surviving the crash, he wears a light khaki long hooded robe to conceal his identity. When he was mortally wounded, half of his suit is shown to be torn, covered with an orange cloth covering his fatal gunshot wound.

As a spiritual essence emerges from his dead body and to save the band from Earl while they enter the wormhole, his naked body is shown glowing in a purple hue.

Role in Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystemEdit

Shep ship

Shep's spaceship.

Shep is the pilot of his own spaceship. He is assumed to be a member of the planet's security, being that when the stress signal was sent and an object resembling an outline of the guitar-shaped ship was shown on the computer screen, he received it. He has a romantic interest in Stella, the bassist of The Crescendolls. While having a dream about her, he is suddenly awakened by the alarm of the stress call. He is shocked and angered when soon discovering about the kidnapping of The Crescendolls, and immediately sets out to follow the ship carrying the band members. After the aircraft had entered a wormhole, Shep loses control of his ship and it begins to take damage, and eventually crash lands in a forest on Earth.

During a concert performed by The Crescendolls, now with their appearances changed to resemble humans and under mind control, Shep flies down from the sky into the stadium and lands on the stage, where he then uses a device to destroy their mind control devices (which are special sunglasses they are wearing) simply by pointing it at them and pushing a button. He is unable to destroy Stella's mind control device when Earl de Darkwood blocks his aim. He and the other band members flee in a microvan while being chased by the Earl's bodyguards in two black sedans. During the pursuit, Shep is badly injured after being shot in the shoulder by one of the bodyguards with a laser gun.

After losing the guards and taking shelter in a warehouse, Baryl and Octave are able to retrieve Stella. Once they bring her to the warehouse where Shep is resting, he beckons Stella to take his hand, who seems unsure but decides to do so. They then experience a romantic dream sequence together. After awakening from the dream, a triangular device is found in Stella's hands which reveals to the band members their true identity.

Shortly after, Shep eventually dies from the injury in his shoulder that was caused by the blast of the security guard's weapon. He is buried by The Crescendolls on a grassy hill, where his essence then erupts from his grave, nodding off the band members before flying into the sky. His essence is shown in the sky as a purple star.

The triangular device given by Shep helps the band members on their journey afterward by glowing and showing information, guiding them on their adventure. Shep's essence is seen again towards the end of the movie where he saves The Crescendolls on their journey through space back to their home planet, escaping the evil spirit of Earl de Darkwood. He looks back and smiles at Stella before flying with Earl's essence off into the distance.

A large holographic statue of Shep is erected on their home planet in honor of him. While the statue is being viewed by a large audience, Stella spots the twinkling of a purple star in the sky. She smiles, knowing it is his spirit.

Relationship with StellaEdit



In the beginning of the film, it is clearly shown that Stella is Shep's love interest. Later in the film, Stella also seems to show emotional attachment to him. However, due to the fact that Interstella has no dialogue, it can be difficult to identify certain aspects of the characters and plot. Because of this, It is unclear if Shep is a fanboy of Stella, with her being part of a famous band, or if Shep and Stella were actually a couple prior to the events of the film. This can be questioned when it's considered that after Shep expresses his love for Stella in the dream sequence, she shows love and interest in him right away. A reasonable explanation for this could be that the two were a couple, and Stella received her memory of Shep and their relationship after the dream sequence. However, love at first sight could also be a reason for this.


  • Shep's spaceship resembles the shape of a Gibson Flying V electric guitar. A yellow outline of his ship is often used a symbol for Interstella, and is seen several times throughout the film.
  • Shep's actual name is never mentioned in the film itself, being that Interstella has no dialogue. His name is revealed within the "Character Files" section of the DVD.