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Santa Claus / Holiday On Ice
Santa Claus Holiday On Ice
12-inch vinyl cover art
Single by Le Knight Club
Release 1997
Duration 10:02 (total)
5:16 (Santa Claus)
4:46 (Holiday On Ice)
Label Crydamoure
Writer(s) Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Eric Chedeville
Producer(s) Le Knight Club
Le Knight Club singles chronology

"Santa Claus / Holiday On Ice"
"Intergalactik Disco"

Santa Claus / Holiday On Ice is the first single release by Le Knight Club, it is also the first publication from the label Crydamoure, owned by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. It was released as a two-sided vinyl release, each with a song. They were included in the compilation album Waves.

Santa Claus Edit

Santa Claus is included in the Side A of the single.

It has two versions, the first one is the largest one being 5-minutes long, which originally was included in the single release; while the second version is an edit that lasts around 3-minutes, in order to be included in the Crydamoure compilation album Waves.

"Santa Claus" features a sample from the song "Look for Love" by Cerrone.[1]

Holiday On Ice Edit

Holiday On Ice is included in the Side B in the single release.

It is speculated that the song is a "remix" from Daft Punk's track Around the World, mostly because the similarity between the songs' elements. Thomas Bangalter is credited in the single's vinyl release.[2]

References Edit

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