Paul de Homem-Christo is the younger brother of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. He is a DJ and producer from France.

He is a regular DJ in Paris and is known for having a large number of aliases. Mainly known as "Play Paul", he also has worked on projects as Tulip, Ryskee, Syndicated People, Dark One, and The Migrants. He has also worked in group projects such as Crydajam, For The Floorz, The Buffalo Bunch, and We In Music.

Recently, after a crowdfunding effort through KissKissBankBank, Paul has started working on his first short film entitled Dents de Sagesse (Previously Fille Dentairre), which he wrote, directed, and scored the music for.

Discography Edit

As Play Paul Edit


  • "Spaced Out"

2003 Edit

  • "Holy Ghosts"
  • "Spaced Out 2"

2004 Edit

  • "Love Song"

2005 Edit

  • "Once U Go"
  • "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

2006 Edit

  • "La La Land"
  • "Ain't No Ho"

2007 Edit

  • Play Paul & Leicos - "Hell's Belles"
  • Play Paul & Nicos Marcos - "Breathe / Kah Pang"

2008 Edit

  • Van She - "So High" (With Play Paul & Nicos Marcos)
  • Play Paul & Dennis Naidanow - "All Mine"

2009 Edit

  • Play Paul & Daniel Dexter - "Come Klar - Mostro" 

2010 Edit

  • "9 AM"
  • "Tijuana (Trumpets of Lust)"

2012 Edit

  • Frederic De Carvalho & Play Paul - "Higher State Of Grace"
  • Markus Lange & Play Paul - "UFO 1985"

As The Buffalo Bunch Edit

2001 Edit

  • "Music Box"
  • "T.I.T.T.S."

Under Other Names Edit


  • Bebel Gilberto - "Close Your Eyes (We In Music/Buffalo Bunch Remix)"


  • Modjo - "Chillin' (Chillin' Con Carne Por Favor Mix by We In Music vs. The Buffalo Bunch)"


  • For The Floorz - "Time Limited / Body Angels"

2003 Edit

  • Crydajam - "If You Give Me The Love I Want / Playground / Loaded"
  • Syndicated People - "Be Right!"

2005 Edit

  • Dark One - "Bounce"

2007 Edit

  • The Migrants - "I Thought That"

2009 Edit

  • Ryskee - "Leave Me Amor"
  • Filur - "The Con (Play Paul Remix)"

2011 Edit

  • Ryskee - "Horrors Of Love"
  • Yuksek - "White Keys" (as Paul Homem-Christo)

2012 Edit

  • Jenifer - "Hello" (As Paul Homem-Christo)
  • Jenifer - "L'Amour & Moi" (As Instruments)
  • The Toxic Avenger ft. Tulip - "To The Sun"

Music Videos and Film Edit

Appeared in the music video for Mamfredos' song, "Didoudamour" in 2013.[1]

Appeared in the French film LA DAME DE TRÈFLE - as Rock Band Musician in 2009.

Scored the short film La Séance by Édouard de La Poëze in 2015.

Wrote, directed, and scored his personal film Dents de Sagesse.


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