Octave in his original blue-skinned form

Octave is a character from the movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. He is one of the main roles in the film. In the band The Crescendolls he plays the keyboard and does the vocals for the song "One More Time". The name Octave may have been given to him by Earl de Darkwood. His real name may be unknown but it can be seen in a jumble of alien letters.

Appearance Edit

Octave is a tall blue-skinned male with a short indigo blue Afro hairstyle and sideburns and dark blue eyes. He wears a standard outfit like the rest of the male band members wearing a white, an orange uniform, matching white wristbands and headband with a red jewel at the center. When their clothes are destroyed by the machine during their modification as a human by Earl, he wears only a pair of black briefs identical to Arpegius's.

As a child during Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" scene, he wears the same outfit as his adult self.

Octave human form

Octave as a human during the events of the movie while in Earl's mind control

After his appearance has been modified to resemble a human in the facility, his skin has painted brown to make him a dark skinned person as opposed to both Stella and Arpegius who had their skin painted fair, his eyes are now green instead of dark blue and his short indigo blue afro has modified into a medium dark purple afro style. He wears a tan formal suit jacket with a light blue long sleeve button frill shirt, tan pants and black disco styled shoes. His sunglasses during his mind control state is purple but was later freed by Shep. His sunglasses is later discarded after Shep's death.

When he stealthily sneaks into the Producer's base to get their memory discs, he was seen wearing a white janitor suit but retaining his light blue long sleeve frill shirt.

As he was hospitalized after being electrocuted and his skin returns to his original blue skin and his indigo blue hair, he wears a light blue patient uniform.

Personality Edit

Out of all in the group, he is seen "talking" the least well under the music. He appears that he was a kind man on his own planet with a soothing voice. He enjoyed playing his instrument and the vibe of the band and was truly the core or "lead" if you put it in a certain way. He also hates injustice after seeing Earl infiltrate their home planet to capture them for his own plans. When he was modified as a human as seen in "Crescendolls", Octave is shown to angrily throw a fit while in his mind control state knowing that their job was very stressing and have no sleep because of their work under Earl's management.