"Indo Silver Club" is the fourteenth track by Daft Punk from their debut album Homework, released as standalone single in 1996. The single was released before their debut album Homework, and had no artist credit on the single. It was released on their previous label, Soma Records.[1]

Both songs are a sample of the song Hot Shot by Karen Young The Part 2 of the song was later featured in their album Homework.

There is a rumor that Daft Punk named this track after a club in Paris, called "Silver Club", that was founded in early 90s and later renamed to "Rex Club". The chances for this being true are extremely small.

Track listing Edit

12" SingleEdit

  1. Indo Silver Club (Part One) - 3:53
  2. Indo Silver Club (Part Two) - 4:37


  1. Indo Silver Club on Discogs

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