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Earl de darkwood during awards night

Earl de Darkwood is the main antagonist of the movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. He is the mastermind of kidnapping the aliens and modify them as humans for his personal gain to rule the universe by collecting several golden discs.

Appearance Edit

Earl appears to have a shoulder length white wavy hair style in a downward widow's peak and has sideburns in each sides and gray eyes. His appearance is based on the classical composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

His primary appearance is shown wearing an dark indigo blue tuxedo suit as his jacket had long twin tails and black shoes. During the band's concert he was seen in a black tuxedo suit. Later when he is ready to rule before his plan was thwarted by Arpegius and falling to his death, he wears a purple long hooded cloak.

His spiritual essence is shown in the near end of the movie, is covered in a black hue before being disperse by Shep's spiritual essence.

Story Edit

Prior to the film, Earl's motives are seen during the events of Veridis Quo . His origins are shown that in his medieval times that he has a young apprentice who is a par on a professional musicians who plays music instruments. Earl actually shows the purple gas to his apprentice and not to realize his true scheme. With that commotion, he modifies his apprentice into a human and manages to put in a mind control state as his apprentice was seen playing the violin professionally. After getting his first golden disc, he let his apprentice to die by falling into edge below and this is the beginning of his plot. His plot is to kidnapped most several aliens who are professionally skilled in music into his personal gain is to gather all the golden disc by modify them as humans to get those discs during the awards night. After he gained most of the discs consists of 5554 pcs. the last disc will be acquire is to capture the band called the Crescendolls who are performing in their home planet of the blue skinned people.

At the start of the film during Aerodynamic, Earl was seen in sillouette seeing his humanoid troops successfully captures Stella, Baryl and Octave and later Arpegius who briefly escapes from his captivity until being subdued by one of his troops. As they return on Earth in Digital Love Earl watches his troops to take them to the secret facility where most aliens are modified as humans. He made his physical appearance in the end of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger where he successfully modifies the Crescendolls as humans by painting their skin, dresses them as humans and the glasses they made to put them in mind control. He serves as the manager of the band as he meets the Producer. By the time the band get tired and weary due to Earl's work is too much, he made an orchestra concert with the band due to its reach in a first top spot in the billboard charts until it was interuppted by Shep. Shep manages to destroy the mind control devices from Arpegius, Baryl and Octave's glasses much to Earl's surprise but he blocks Stella not to get shot making Shep hard to aim at her. He orders the guards to chase the trio but one of his guards manages to mortally wound Shep in a process. While Stella is in mind control state, Earl and Stella are the ones to enter the awards night as he manages to get the last and final disc which is the 5555.

As The Crescendolls are now free from Earl's mind control and knowing of his motives as they enter Veridis Quo manor, Earl manages to caught them as he takes Stella to the machine where he makes her as a vessel. He successfully put Stella in the machine as he laughs maniacally while raising the last and final disc just to rule the universe. His plans are soon thwarted by Arpegius who manages to tackle him as the last golden disc fall into the abyss much to his horrible shock. Earl is desperate to get the disc but soon falls to his death as Arpegius takes his hand but to no avail he falls to his own death below as his controlled humanoid troops are followed to their master's death as the band escapes before it self destructs. Earl's absolute greed for power to rule the whole universe leads to his own downfall as his evil schemes are now made in public by the people of Earth including The Crescendolls' Producer.

Earl returns as a dark spiritual essence to taunt Arpegius and his band members while inside Shep's ship as they travel back to their home world by wormhole. He manages to block them as everyone are seen to be electrocuted. Shep's spiritual essence manage to disperse him on time to free them.

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