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Derezzed cover
Genre Electro house, techno
Released 8 December 2010
Album Tron: Legacy Soundtrack
Recorded 2008-2010
Length 1:44
Label Walt Disney
Writer(s) Thomas Bangalter
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Producer(s) Daft Punk
Format CD single, digital download
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"Derezzed" is the 13th track on the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack, following End of Line and preceding Fall. It was the first full Tron: Legacy song released to the public, released as a single on October 26, 2010. It has two music videos- the promotional video for Tron: Legacy, showcasing the song over clips from the movie, and the official Daft Punk video, released later. The song is used in a couple of Tron: Legacy commercials, including a Coca-Cola ad appearing in movie theaters. The song has also become popular to play on sports channels and in stadiums.

Appearance in the filmEdit

The song plays at the End of Line Club, in which Daft Punk are the DJs, when Castor turns against Flynn and a fight starts. The song immediately stops when Kevin appears and shuts the power off for a moment, and then the song is changed to Fall.


The song is named after the term "Derezzed", a euphemism for death in the Tron world.

Music videosEdit

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"Derezzed" debut came with a promotional video for the movie, which featured various clips, including the first look at Daft Punk's cameo in the film.

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Daft Punk enters Flynn's Arcade and begins playing a game developed by Encom named Derezzed, with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo playing as Prog 1 and Thomas Bangalter as Prog 2. Derezzed plays out as a light cycle jousting game in the grid. While an unknown program watches the light cycle joust in the distance, Prog 2 wins the match. In the arcade, de Homem-Christo is disappointed. Back in the grid, Prog 2 is revealed to be Quorra (played by Olivia Wilde).The video was directed by Warren Fu.[1]


Derezzed is remixed twice on Tron: Legacy RECONFIGURED, by The Glitch Mob and Avicii.


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