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Oh Yeah, we need your help. First of all, we need new admins that will control all over this wiki. So, now on, we're starting...


General Edit

If you want to become an admin, you must agree with the following

  • Have some basic idea about editing in MediaWiki
  • Be a helpful and patient.
  • Be interested in editing this Wikia.
  • Be an active editor.
  • Keep on track on:
    • Spam.
    • Misleading / false information.
    • Broken Links/dead links.
    • Bad edited Wiki (not accepting the requirements that the article needs to meet).

Between users Edit

About the users, you compromise in keeping the Wiki community safe, secure, and so respectable.

  • If the user(s) start to add non-sense information, spam or links (constantly), give him a advice.
    • If the user(s) is still adding, block him (depending on the situation, the more days, weeks, or months can be blocked, even permanently.

Apply Now Edit

If you think you can keep with at least a few rules mentioned above, you may be want to form part.

Apply now!

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